Terms and Conditions of Order Processing

Table of contents

  1. Who is concerned by hereby Terms and Conditions?
  2. General terms
  3. Placing an order
  4. Verification of the image to be printed
  5. Payment
  6. Printing process
  7. After printing - shipment
  8. Order complaints
  9. Complaints
  10. Limitation of liability
  11. Data-privacy regulations
  12. Technical requirements for placing Orders
  13. Final provisions
  1. 1. Who is concerned by hereby Terms and Conditions?

    1. We perform our services only for entrepreneurs and natural persons conducting business activity. Given the production value and scale, we do not provide services for individuals and consumers.
    2. We do not provide services in electronic form. We produce packagings, CDs and we print materials. However, orders are placed by electronic means, which shall be described in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. 2. General terms

    In order to avoid repetitions and simplify reading of this document, we explained the most important terms:

    Printing house - our company, i.e. PIN Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) with its registered seat in Warsaw 03-284, ul. Porannej Bryzy 8, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS) kept by the district court for the capital city of Warsaw, 13th Economic Division, under KRS number: 0000190699, VAT Number: PL1132077773. We are active VAT payers. E-mail contact details: info@drukcd.pl, phone No.: +48 694 498 060.

    Website - unique website with the details of your order and its execution. You will receive the website address after sending us an enquiry.

    Enquiry - an enquiry sent from disc4u.eu/en/contact.php, our different websites or sent by e-mail. Enquiry is the first step to place an Order.

    Technical specifications - technical requirements of your materials. They are mandatory for us to be able to complete your order. You may find the specifications on the website disc4u.eu/en/specifications.php. We can also send it in a form of a link, pdf document or e-mail.

    Terms and conditions - hereby document.

    Order - commissioning the Printing house to produce particular materials.

  3. 3. Placing an order

    1. We accept orders through enquiries on disc4u.eu/en/contact.php or via e-mail. In order to prepare the order production, you have to provide us your:
      • full name;
      • e-mail address;
      • phone number - simplifies the delivery process;
      • VAT invoice data including full name of the company, address and VAT Number;
      • type of ordered goods, services and their quantity;
    2. On the basis of your enquiry we will send you an e-mail, which shall include the address of Website with details of your Order. On the Website you may find all information about the conditions of the order execution, i.e. shipment, payment.
    3. Through the Website you can:
      • change the expenditure. However, you won't have that possibility with some orders;
      • change shipping method and address;
      • send graphic materials necessary to complete your Order; you can also do that through e-mail or send the materials directly to our ftp server in case of big files;
      • download a pro forma invoice.
    4. Remember that quote on the Website can lose its validity on a daily basis. That could primarily result from changes in prices of materials used to produce orders, changes in exchange rates or shipping costs. You will see the following message on the website: "Quote is no longer valid" and "Update" option.
    5. We will send you updates regarding your Order to provided e-mail address.
  4. 4. Verification of the image to be printed

    1. After we verify the image to be printed, you will receive an e-mail with a request to accept the order.
    2. If we don't have all information necessary to complete your Order - we will contact you.
  5. 5. Payment

    After start of Order execution process, you will receive an access to pro forma invoice. You have to pay the invoice before the order is shipped. We will ship the order before receiving the payment only on the basis of individual settlements excluded from this provision.

  6. 6. Printing process

    1. The "I order and confirm the payment obligation" command starts the process after you approve all statements in terms of acknowledging these Terms and Conditions and lawfulness of sent materials. Your Order must be also accepted by the Printing house so that it could be handed over to production. Printing house is usually first to accept your Order, but we can also do that after your confirmation.
    2. If you enter any text in the "comments" field during confirmation process, the Order needs to be verified again. We want to ensure that everything corresponds with what you ordered. Remember that it may lead to changes in the execution date and slow down the process.
  7. 7. After printing - shipment

    1. After completing the process, preparing shipment and receiving payment, we will ship the Order to the address provided on the Website.
    2. If we don't receive the payment after preparing the package, you will be informed that the Order is ready for shipment and we are waiting for your payment. After receiving the payment, we will ship the completed Order.
    3. After shipping your Order, you will receive an e-mail with shipment confirmation and a suggestion to rate our services.
    4. While choosing the shipment method you may request an invoice on paper. However, the costs will be increased, since we send the invoice separately by courier mail.
    5. We do our best to ensure that your order is secured and ready to ship on time. External courier companies are held liable for the delivery. We do not have any physical control over the package after handing it over to the courier. We do not have any influence on services provided by the courier. We are not be liable for actions and negligence of the courier company. If you are not satisfied with the shipment time or its quality, complaints shall be submitted and reviewed pursuant to rules and policy of given courier company.
  8. 8. Order complaints

    1. We trust you. However, you should remember that we are not able to verify whether you are holder of relevant rights, especially copyrights related to the materials you send. It is you who will hold liability for violating the rights regarding dissemination of the materials. Please do not send us materials with an unlawful content.
    2. Our prices refer to specific expenditures, not to quantity ranges.
    3. We make every effort to ensure that the price calculations for you are always reliable and accurate. However, we reserve the right to provide an erroneous price or quantity of the services or the product. In such case you have the right to refuse acceptance of the order or accept prices 10% lower than those published on the Website on the day of accepting the Order. We shall not bear any consequences due to errors occurring in the offers.
    4. The production is multi-stage. Such defects resulting from the process can pile up. There is a possibility of small differences in the ordered quantity of goods. Acceptable deficiencies are the following:
      QuantityAdmissible shortages
      0 - 20010 pcs
      201 - 5005%
      above 5012%
    5. Of course, the missing copies shall not be invoiced. Executing an order in quantities equal to or greater than the difference between the ordered expenditure and acceptable deficiencies for particular ranges shall not justify your complaint.

    6. The order execution date is established individually after receiving your materials necessary to complete the order.
  9. 9. Complaints

    1. We handle complaints within 7 days from the day of receiving the defective goods by the Printing house.
    2. In most cases, manufacturing defects cannot be removed. Therefore, justified complaints are usually settled by performing the services again or returning the amount paid for the goods and services within 14 days from date of accepting the complaint.
    3. Unsatisfactory goods must be delivered at your expense to the Printing house.
    4. If we accept your complaint and perform our services again, we will send it to you at our expense.
    5. Performing our services again is possible only after receiving payment for the previously ordered goods.
    6. The differences between original version and a copy constitute the only basis for filing a complaint regarding data entries on CDs/DVDs. It means that:
      • in case of sending the files via e-mail or ftp, a complaint in terms of the CD content may not be accepted (since we do not have the original version to compare it with a copy)
      • complaint will not be justified in case you cannot play the CDs in devices incompatible with the media used to duplicate the material.
    7. We do not hold liability for incompatibility of ordered CDR/DVDR with the computer or other audiovisual device used for playing/recording.
  10. 10. Limitation of liability

    1. We hold liability only for offered value of defects, deficiencies of sold goods or services and missed deadlines. We are only liable for the actual damage. We are not liable for the lost benefits.
    2. In the circumstances of force majeure, such as machinery failure, power or water outage, fire, natural disaster, strikes, internet access interruption, unpredicted absence of the employees due to diseases or taking care of their sick children, we do not assume any liability for inconveniences resulting from changing the execution date. We will make every effort to inform you about the delays, if any.
  11. 11. Data-privacy regulations

    We inform you about the details regarding new rules of processing your data.

    1. Printing house is your personal data controller;
    2. We have received the information from you which constitutes personal data, voluntarily or during purchase of the goods;
    3. We use your personal data only to complete the order or prepare the offer;
    4. Your data processed by the Printing house includes: e-mail address, name and surname, company address, NIP, phone numbers. Providing data is voluntary, but necessary for fulfilling the terms of contract of sale and preparing the offer;
    5. Your data will be disclosed only for people who are authorised and liable for preparing an offer and performing sales;
    6. In case of concluding a contract of sale, Printing house has legal obligation to store accounting documents for 6 years period from the selling date;
    7. Your data will not be used for automated decision-making and it won't be subject to profiling;
    8. Pursuant to applicable law, you have the right to obtain access to your personal data. You also have the right to rectify the data or demand its deletion, if pursuant to applicable law;
    9. In case of any questions or doubts regarding the Printing house operations related to your personal data, you can send us an e-mail: info@pin2.pl
    10. In case of any reservations regarding the Printing house operations related to your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Data Protection Authority.
  12. 12. Technical requirements for placing Orders

    To properly place an order and gain access to the Website, your computer or different electronic device needs resolution of min. 360 px horizontally, internet access and the newest version of one of the following browsers: IE / Edge / Firefox / Chrome / Opera / Safari with Java Script.

  13. 13. Final provisions

    1. In cases not regulated herein, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.
    2. All disputes resulting from the Printing house services shall be settled by the common court of law in Warsaw.